Carolina Vee


connect to your life purpose


Dig deep into your spirit and pull out what your inner most desires are to connect to your life purpose - free from others expectations.

Just last year I was driving to my 9-5 job that I liked…
but I didn’t love.

Every morning I would listen to podcasts of people who left their corporate jobs, or switched industries, or did. something. else. that truly lit them up, made them happy, and gave them fulfillment.

What was I doing wrong?!

So I figured out a strategy to get more in tune with my life’s purpose and I went from feeling lost, stuck and overwhelmed to feeling free, confident and grounded.

And now I’m here to share it with you.

Get ready to…

>> Learn the secret to feeling free and fulfilled

>> Relax while you ground yourself and connect to the present, past, & future

>> Release your inner desires and figure out the steps to get to them

>> Take notes of what your inner desires tell you

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My name is Carolina, pronounced Care-oh-lee-nah, and I am pumped that you are on this page right now.

I am a loud and proud Canadian from Winnipeg, MB (sorry, not sorry!) a podcaster, confidence & life purpose coach, and chai tea latte enthusiast!
I have found my happiness, my success, my fulfillment, my purpose in helping the spiritual, millennial woman feeling lost, stuck & overwhelmed break free from society’s expectations to unapologetically honour the work truly lights her up.

Are you ready to gain a little more confidence and reconnect to your life purpose?