Carolina Vee

Calling all spiritual millennial women ready to reclaim their power:

does this sound like you?


✓ You wake up in the morning and you’re just not that excited for your day

✓ You feel stuck at a job that you like, you do well at it, but you don’t LOVE what you’re doing

✓ You want to feel free and connected to your purpose and like you’re finally on the right path

✓ You have a BIG vision and a legacy you want to leave behind

✓ You feel comfortable in your life, but you know there’s so much more that’s out there and that’s possible - that this can’t be all that there is


I’ve been there + I’ve done that.

BUT WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THat more WAS possible?

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 If that sounds like your Chai Latte, then lovee… we need to have a chat

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do you want TO...

♥ figure out what’s stopping you from confidently making the decisions that feel right to you and unleash your creativity + passions into the world

♥ learn how to let go of the self doubt, the lack of confidence, the feelings of not being enough that are holding you back from making the BIG, live long changes needed to bring that excitement into your life

♥ do the mindset work and the inner-shifts needed to let go of who you were groomed to be, in order to embrace who you were meant to be

♥ and to have the energy, clarity and plan to finally bring to life the fulfilling and adventure filled journey you’ve been dreaming together on a secret Pinterest Board



I can help you gain clarity on what truly lights you up and how to take action to make that a reality.

Limited spots available.

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my 1:1 clients have been able to…

🔮 Fine-tune their business plan + align with their legacy vision

🔮 Go from unemployed to dream job in a matter of weeks

🔮 Have the confidence to request to work-from-home in their current job

🔮 Implement routines to calm their anxiety + feel worthy of amazing opportunities and promotions in their field

🔮 Go from frazzled, overwhelmed + on the brink of giving up on their business to feeling calm, organized + reignited

what finding clarity feels like


— Jahnavi 🇦🇺

“Before working with Carolina, I knew something more was out there for me, I just didn't know what it was or how to find it. I thought that this was especially hard for me to uncover, as my life was already what a lot of people would deem successful.

Carolina has helped me go from "no idea what I actually want to do with my career" to "I have an amazing goal that's so aligned to my passion, let's get to work!"

Interestingly, that is what came the easiest. The inner work she guided me through has been the most challenging AND the most rewarding. Carolina has helped me take steps to re-write the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from taking action.

I'm amazed at what can be achieved by some support and guidance and Carolina has a great knack for cutting through your BS while being your biggest cheerleader.

I'd recommend working with Carolina for anyone who is struggling with clarity and action and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”


“Carolina is such an intuitive coach! She asks the right questions at the right times and really helped me to unearth what is truly driving me and what kind of life I really want.

Implementing the routines that she suggested has made a huge impact on my day-to-day life, and I love her accountability in terms of me keeping up with my goals.

She’s made me much more aware of how I’m spending my time and whether it’s going to get me to where I want to be.

Having her as a coach has put me on the right track to making my business (and life) a success! I always look forward to our calls and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Especially if you feel like you’re lacking true clarity or direction in your life!


— Keith 🇺🇸


— Genevieve 🇨🇦

“Carolina has truly mastered her purpose and has helped me redefine mine.

I needed to revamp my work ethic and create some lasting lifestyle changes before beginning my career.

She helped me implement small but meaningful changes into my daily routine which helped me attract the opportunities I wanted in my life.

Carolina helped me understand my weaknesses, but she also reminded me to celebrate my strengths.

Carolina is ALWAYS in your corner!

If you're considering working with her - do it! You won't regret it.”

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There are three ways you can

get out of your own way

Clarity College 1:1 Coaching Program

clarity college

6 month 1:1 Coaching program

Master of Mindset 1:1 Coaching Program

Master of Mindset

3 month 1:1 Coaching program

Intro to Intuition 101 Coaching Program

intro to intuition 101

3 week 1:1 coaching program


Find which program fits right for you

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✨ knowing exactly what you want from your life, to feel free, financially taken care of and excited to live your life on a daily basis — even if you have no idea what that looks like right now

✨ having the confidence and the sense of urgency to leave the comfortable life behind and make your own decisions because you know you’re enough, and you believe in yourself and honouring your truth

✨ waking up Monday morning knowing that what your week consists of actually REALLY excites you and you WANT to get to work to get it done

✨ feeling connected to yourself, your purpose, your vision and legacy, and to the universe knowing with certainty that you’re finally on the right path and it feels aligned


✓ get clarity on what you want. Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to switch into a different industry? Are you looking to be promoted? We need to know what that end result is, so we can get clarity on how to move towards it.

✓ improve your confidence and connection to your intuition using Law of Attraction, meditation, theta healing techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT aka Tapping), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Chakra healing, Human Design, Astrology + more

✓ give you all the tools to tackle your self-doubt and feeling like you’re not enough, and creating a strategy action plan to take you from the perfectly-imperfect place you’re at right now to bringing that clear vision of your dream-life into reality

✓ implement new routines, systems, and process so you’re no longer wondering where you at and what your next move is, so you can simply your life and decision-making strategies to take the overwhelm out of taking action 



✓ define what confidence feels like for you, feel purpose to your days & like you have the control over your destiny

✓ have a handle on your finances, so you can feel confident in your financial situation and be able to book that dream vacation and splurge on the non-fat soy latte with 2 pumps vanilla

✓ understand the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in a way that will actually work for you and make the impossible of your dream life become very possible

✓ feel connected to your spirituality with a more positive outlook on life which will bring in an abundance of more positive opportunities

✓ increase your motivation and dedication to sticking to routines that make you feel ecstatic to be alive and finally getting things on your to-do list done

✓ feel freedom and confidence in your decisions and learn how to move through fear so that your “wishes” become action items that excite you, not intimidate you

✓ have a customized toolbox with meditations, journaling prompts, tapping exercises, chakra tips and more, to minimize the time spent in the doubt-filled moments that come in life

✓ understand what works for you, what doesn’t, what makes you unique and special, and how to honour that so that you’re no longer left wondering or second-guessing which path to go down

Limited spots available

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more of what clarity feels like


— vicky 🇨🇦

“Carolina helped me discover the beliefs I had that did not serve me to flourish. I could finally say goodbye to my old self, to become the best version of myself.

We all need to come to terms with ourselves and offer ourselves a life of abundance in order to truly LIVE.


This allowed me to illuminate and reconnect with my Divine Being.

Thank you, Carolina, with a lot of love XxXx”


“Through [working] with Carolina, we were able to identify what I needed to work on, not necessarily what I wanted to work on which was huge for me as someone who felt lost and needed guidance.

I was unsure of myself and lacked confidence, but during the program I realized my story is my own and I need to embrace that.

I have become more centred and have been better defining who I am.”

— SARA 🇺🇸


“I have worked with other coaches before, but none of them were as great as Carolina!

Carolina is smart, kind, patient and understanding. She knows what questions to ask to get to the root of a problem.

She really helped me to get clarity on where I want to go in life and she helped me pave the way. Also, Carolina is also really great in helping me break my thought patterns that aren’t helping me.

So, work with Carolina. She will change your life!”



"I've been working with Carolina for almost 2 months now and woah! I've had some major breakthroughs during our sessions.

It has been an emotional and energizing experience all at once.

She has got me to dig deep and really helped me to get clarity on what it is I really want, and also the next steps to achieving my goals!

I've even unearthed limiting beliefs that I didn't even know existed that have helped me to launch forward.

She has been someone I felt an instant connection with and someone who has kept me accountable and I genuinely look forward to our weekly call.

I couldn't recommend Carolina high enough!"


— Lauren 🇦🇺


Working with Carolina shines a light on those little hooks that you know are there holding you back - but don't know how to address them.

Carolina's system kick-starts positive habits and brings awareness to the areas of your life that need love and attention. I am so excited to move forward with the things I have learned.

I would recommend this to any millennial women with an open mind and motivation to tackle their monsters and spread their wings!



I have had the pleasure of working with Carolina 1:1 for a while now.

She has helped me gain so much clarity around my goals and how to achieve them with a different perspective.

Carolina is a warm, vibrant soul who really has your best interest in mind when coaching. At the end of each session, I know where I am at and what my next steps are.

I love her 'No nonsense and no Bs attitude'!

Carolina is the real deal.



— here’s what’s included —

Per coaching program

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clarity college

6 month 1:1 coaching program

💫 a mini-foundational program

💫 a pre-assessment so we have a good idea of what we’re working on

💫 6 months of 1:1 customized coaching focusing on clarity, confidence and taking a step-by-step action plan together

💫 20 one hour coaching calls recorded for you to review again and again

💫 weekly homework assignments

💫 consistent accountability check-ins

💫 unlimited in between-call support

💫 and a weekly progress report

💥 BONUS: Paid-in-full receive an extra 2-hour VIP Intensive coaching call (value $500)


(or 7 payments of $799)

master of mindset

3 month 1:1 coaching program

💫 a mini-foundational program

💫 a pre-assessment so we have a good idea of what we’re working on

💫 3 months of 1:1 customized coaching focusing on clarity, confidence and a plan of what you need to do

💫 10 one hour coaching calls recorded for you to review again and again

💫 weekly homework assignments

💫 consistent accountability check-ins

💫 unlimited in between-call support

💫 and a weekly progress report

💥 BONUS: Paid-in-full receive an extra 2-hour VIP Intensive coaching call (value $500)


(or 4 payments of $799)

intro to intuition 101

3 week 1:1 coaching program

💫 3 one-hour coaching calls recorded for you to review again and again

💫 pre-designed homework assignments

💫 mini-Law of Attraction Bootcamp

💫 consistent accountability check-ins

💫 unlimited in between-call support

💫 a weekly progress report

💫 and a 30-minute wrap-up call

💥 BONUS: Paid-in-full also receive my life-changing Freedom Pillars Bundle (value $475)


(or 2 payments of $455)


Take that first step in the right direction…

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step option #1

doing nothing

🛑 Nothing changes for you.

🛑 Nothing gets better.

🛑 You stay at the same, comfortable job that doesn’t excite you.

🛑 Your financial situation stays the same.

🛑 Your outlook on life and what’s possible stays the same.

🛑 And you continue to feel like you were meant for more, but convince yourself you don’t have what it takes or the time to make it all happen.

Because yes, Lovee, even by doing nothing, you are still making a choice

Maybe that’s not something you want to hear. But that’s what I’m here for.

To tell you the sometimes hard truths YOU need so that you can reconnect to your truth, redefine what success looks and feels like to you, and live the life of freedom and happiness you know you were meant for!

step option #2

taking action

💖 Everything changes for you.

💖 Everything gets better.

💖 You believe in yourself and invest in your future.

💖 You gain clarity on what you want, on reconnecting to your intuition, and on how to take action that will get you the work-life (and impact your overall life) that actually lights you up.

💖 And you make a plan that feels exciting to you and gets you closer to that dream-life you have hiding on your secret Pinterest Board.

Because yes, Lovee, clarity truly does come from taking action.

It’s true.

The only way you can tell if something is working or not working is by trying. And it’s a lot easier to do that and to move forwards when you have the support system of an expert, and the accountability of someone who genuinely cares about your success.


So which option is it going to be?

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I have an idea of what spirituality is to me, but how do you define it?

Like success, I believe it’s definition is a personal and individual experience and connection. 

Spirituality to me is trust. It’s the belief in something bigger and grander (energetically speaking) that always has our best interests at heart. It’s a connection to yourself, to your community, and to the energy around you and around the world.

I truly believe we are all connected. We are all a community together as one. And it is our individual responsibility to raise our vibrations and honour our truth, in order to collectively raise the vibrations of our earth and each other.

When we do OUR part in making ourselves better, we make the world better.

What is the difference between coaching, therapy and consulting?

Although I’m not a therapist or a professional consultant (and therefore unable to truly express their perspective), I’ll do my best to try and answer this question from my own experiences with each.

Consulting is probably the easiest to define to start off with. A consultant is a professional called on for their advice and opinions. They are presented with a problem, and they solely provide a solution. 

Therapy deals with the past. Therapists are trained to diagnose problems and help clients with and through the diagnosed issue.

Coaching is a partnership that helps the client maximize their potential, both professionally and personally. It deals with the past to figuring out why a client might behave in a certain way, but it’s predominantly future-oriented to help the client rewrite that story, and move towards their maximum potential. Coaching helps the client figure out their solution.

I’m super passionate and committed to finding and aligning to my purpose. But I’m nervous about investing in myself for this information.

Isn’t this something I can do on my own?

I would honestly be surprised if you weren’t nervous to invest in yourself. It’s a huge step and I know that you work hard for your money. And like any investment, there’s a certain level of risk you have to learn to be comfortable with and learn to live with.

But what I can tell you, from my own experience, investing in myself has always been worth it. My first investment in myself was a $97 Business Planning Workshop that started me out on this journey. And even that was terrifying.

I can almost guarantee though, that I wouldn’t be where I am today, had I not taken that leap. Because with each investment I made, I got braver and braver and closer and closer to connecting with my truth and my purpose.

Every level was a new social proof opportunity for me to build on.

And this is absolutely something you can do on your own. The real question you need to be asking yourself though, is will you? 

Have you been? There was something that drew you to this page, and to reading all the way through up until this point. You know that something is missing from your plan of action.

You also need to ask yourself the time you’re willing to invest in figuring this out on your own. Because the time you spend sifting through information, freebies, tutorials, webinars, etc. (this is known as passive action) is time you COULD be spending taking ACTUAL action and actually getting closer to your dream-life.

I don’t even know what I want or what I’m struggling with.

So how can you help me?

This is the absolute first thing I work on with my clients: Clarity.

It’s why my main program is called Clarity College, because that is the component all of my clients came to me struggling with the most.

Finding clarity on what it is you want AND also finding clarity on what’s currently keeping you stuck. But Clarity comes from taking action. The only want you can see if something is working (or if it’s not) or if you like something (or if you don’t) is by TRYING.

We’ve become so afraid of things “not working out” that we don’t want to take any action and we forget the BLESSINGS that come from when something doesn’t work out - Clarity! Getting closer to the answer of what IS going to work out!

I can help you find the Clarity in both what you want, what you don’t, and what’s keeping you stuck currently. I can help you learn to breathe through fear, improve your confidence to know things will work out (even if it doesn’t look like what you first imagined), AND I can help you take that action towards what we figured out you wanted!

I know that I need to work on my mindset and my outlook, but I also need a clear plan on what I need to do to make these changes.

Do your programs include action steps?


Even though I have a university degree and several certifications, I am always continuing to learn and stay up-to-date.

Personal development, knowledge and education are lifelong endeavours. 

That being said, I’ve taken several programs, courses, masterminds, etc. to make sure that I am able to provide the best course of action for my clients, in meeting them where they currently are and helping them get to where they want to be.

I’ve also been dubbed the “Organization Queen” so you will always know what you’re working on and what your next step is.

It doesn’t feel like the right time. How will I know if I’m ready?

I hate to break it to you, Lovee- but you’re never going to feel ready. 

“Ready” doesn’t actually exist. The only way you finally realize what “ready” feels like, is when you just start. You do it and then you look back and say, “Huh — guess I was ready.”

Unfortunately, you’re never going to feel ready, and I would hate for you to miss out on opportunities, let your goals slide by, and let you dreams fizzle out because I wasn’t honest with you about that fact.

But people, you + me, do things we're not ready for all the time! Its just a matter of taking that social proof, that confidence, that resilience and knowledge from your previous situations that you also felt “not ready” for and transitioning it over into knowing other new things can work out!

I’ve been thinking I need a coach, but how do I know if you’re the right coach for me?

When you’re looking for the right coach, it’s a little bit like dating. You have to test a few matches before you find the right one that fits.

Here are some questions to think about:

📌 do you agree with my messaging?

📌 do you want this for yourself more than I’m going to want it for you? 

(Hint: if the answer is no, then you probably don’t need a coach, you probably want to hire some done-for-you services. A coach is meant to keep you accountable on the journey you’re working towards.)

📌 do you align with my energy and feel comfortable with me?

📌 does this investment to work with me feel exciting (and a little bit scary) to you?

If the answers are yes, then that’s a pretty good sign we’d work really well together.

Only way to test it out though is by booking a FREE Clarity Session and actually having a tailored 1:1 Conversation just 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 YOU! 👏🏼


let’s redefine what success looks and feels like

Figure out what the disconnect is from you confidently being able to honour your truth by booking a FREE Clarity Session and let's talk about getting you on the right path.

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your dream life is waiting for you to grasp it.

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