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Clarity - Finance - Organization

introducing illumination step-up

You’re not sure…

Which path to go down

→ How to take action and unleash your creativity

→ If your dreams are financially possible and wonder if it’s responsible to leave your comfortable lifestyle

→ If you have the time and energy to get things done and make changes necessary

And this offer is going to get you that

Because I know that you…

♥ Want to know, with clarity, what you want to do and what you were meant to do

♥ Want to know what needs to happen in order to make that happen

♥ Want to believe your dream will give you that taste of freedom that is financially possible

Carolina Confidence + Life Purpose Coach

 what’s included?

♥ 3-part video series ($215 Value)

→ Clarity In Your Work-Life

  • How to take inspired action aka → action that actually feels good and excites you

→ Setting Your Finances Up To Win

  • A personal finance presentation, in a language you understand, to set yourself up for success now and in the future

→ Taking The Guesswork Out Of Your Week

  • A step-by-step rundown of how to map out your week and your to-do list, so you’re not humming and hawing about what to do next

♥Goal Setting PDF ($25 Value)

  • A worksheet that will help you map out what you want to do, what you need to do & how to actually do it

♥Budget template ($50 Value)

  • An easy-to-use, just plug & fill budget template with pre-filled formulas so that you always know where you’re sitting financially

♥45-minute Accountability Call ($185 Value)

  • You didn’t think I was going to let you off the hook that easily, did ya? Nope, I’m here to make sure you’re making this investment work for YOU. So I’ve included a 45-minute call with yours truly to walk through each step and make sure you’re actually getting it done.

Quotation Mark
Initially, I was hesitant to buy this program because I have an MBA and didn’t think I needed help with my budget. 

However, I decided to invest in it because it covered different topics, such as listening to your instinct, and I knew that Carolina has a lot of valuable information to share. I ended up learning from all the modules, especially from the one about budget planning, which included a spreadsheet and useful advice on saving for the future. Also, the 45-minute call was very useful as she took the time to answer all my questions. I am now better prepared to organize both my schedule and budget. 

Carolina is the most organized person I have ever met and her tools can be catalysts for achieving both personal and business goals.
— Daniela 🇵🇪
Quotation Mark

FINALLY feel closer to freedom by stepping-up in the right direction to figuring out what you want to do, and what needs to happen to feel fulfilled in your work-life.

Take inspired action, feel financially responsible & know what actions you’re taking and when in less than 2 hours a week!  

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seven years ago, I was a hot-mess.

I had no idea what I was doing in university, I was over $20,000 in consumer debt and I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off; always feeling like I didn’t have enough time for anything.


Too busy.

But “busy” isn’t a badge of honour.

✖ “Busy” is not feeling connected.

✖ “Busy” is not being responsible.

✖ “Busy” is actually not having your shit together.

& I wanted to have my shit together.


I realized I needed three-things to feel well-rounded:

reconnect to my intuition

pull my head out of the sand and deal with my finances

& consistently plan out my week.

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Once I started doing those 3 things, my life literally took a different direction.

It completely went beyond just “feeling well-rounded.”

♥ I was finally listening to my gut and saying No to situations and people that weren’t serving me, and finally saying YES to opportunities and experiences that excited me.

♥ Within two-years, I was able to travel more than once a year (and escape my Winnipeg winters) because I had paid off ALL $20K of my debt, was 100% debt-free and actually knew where I stood financially.

♥ And I was able to be a better friend and community-member because I finally wasn’t “too busy” for the people and the organizations I cared about.


But I don’t want it to take you seven years, or even seven months to figure that out and to get your shit together.

I’m going to help you feel well-rounded and on the road to freedom in just a few hours.

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 Are You Ready...

→ for confident and intuitive decision making that feels clear, excites you, and helps you feel aligned and connected in your work-life?

→ to feel financially responsible and grounded in your spending power?

→ to finally feel like you have the time to do the things you want to do & better yet, actually do them?

Quotation Mark
Holy crappers - doing the budget / finance portion of Illumination Step-Up was such an awakening that I needed.

This whole time, I just thought it was an evil pixie skimming my bank account every month, but it turns out it was just me blowing a lot of money on things I wasn’t realizing! It actually blew my mind. I had never done such a thorough budget before. I mean, I’ve made budgets in the past, but I just guessed on what I was spending on miscellaneous items. Yikes!

I’m so grateful for Illumination Step-Up literally illuminating my weekly spending habits, so I can better plan for my future and make better choices.
— Jahnavi 🇦🇺
Quotation Mark

With my Illumination Step-Up Bundle you will learn...

How to figure out what you want, what steps are needed and how to listen to your intuition to know which step to take first in manifesting the life on your secret Pinterest Board

The fundamental foundations of personal finance, in a language you’ll actually understand, how to build a budget, and stay within it, so YOU can go from $20K in-debt to completely debt-free like I did

My effective & efficient way to organize your week that leaves time for you to do the things you want, and make a plan to get what you want done - consistently.

These are literally the steps I took (and continue to take) to live and improve my freedom-based life, feel connected to my purpose & have the time to foster really deep and meaningful connections with my loved ones and my clients.

Ready to illuminate your life and step-up in the right direction?

Grab my Illumination Step-Up Bundle Now!

Original Price $475 - Sale Price $39
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Carolina Sipping Tea

Hey Lovees…

I get it, I’ve been there.

Knowing where to start and what to do can seem slightly daunting and a little overwhelming. But I’m here to support you to take another step in the right direction.

You’ve got one life to live. Just one - that’s it. And I don’t want you to watch it go by thinking where you’re currently at is all you were capable of.

There is so much sparkle inside you.

So let’s let that sparkle out & illuminate your whole damn life. After you sign-up, you’ll get your direct access to this life changing bundle.

& I personally can’t freaking wait to watch it happen.


Carolina Vee


Original Price $475 - Sale Price $39
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