Tea Tuesday: Is The Universe Telling Me No?



Right in this moment, I’m sitting on the beautiful deck we have in our backyard, relaxing in a hammock we purchased this year. The sun is beating on my face, Stella (my cat) is lounging on the stairs, and I’m so grateful for our little home here in the neighbourhood I literally grew up in.

(I’m serious. I’m staring at the park I used to play in as a kid.)

But we almost didn’t get this house.

Getting this house (and almost not getting it) was a whirlwind of emotions over the span of one-week.

Matthew (my partner) and I had been contemplating moving in with each other once he was done his master’s program. His mom had been sending him a few listings to look at, and one day she texted me one.

It was in the area we wanted, pet-friendly (!), had a beautiful deck, 3-bedrooms (for pretty-much the price we would have paid for a two-bedroom apartment), newly renovated kitchen, two-parking spots — it was perfect.

ALSO, it was LITERALLY a combination of our two addresses.

My previous street number with his previous street name (yes, we moved down the street from his old place together) HOW COSMIC!

Except... they wanted a move-in date for April 1st.

Which was Matthew’s busiest time of the year for finishing up his degree. The timing was shit.

We could have taken that as a sign to move on.

But we asked them if it was possible to have a slightly later move-in date, and they said they wanted to have someone in the house during that time.

We could have taken that as a sign to move on.

But my lovely partner is very much an “in-person”type of person, so he went to explain the situation to them. (This was him realizing he is in some control of this outcome, and taking action that feels good to him.)

And we came to a compromise: I would move in April 1st, and he would move in April 15th, and they would only charge us 3/4 rent for that month.


But we almost didn’t get this house. And if we had taken that first obstacle as a sign that maybe this wasn’t the house for us, I wouldn’t be sitting here, on our deck, inspired to write you this post, to help you keep moving forward.

Is the universe telling me to move on?

1. you are CO-creating with the universe

I feel like we live these extremes of thinking either everything is in our control, or absolutely nothing is.

Well I know I do. I struggle with living my like in black-and-white, and learning that there is a lot of grey we have to be comfortable with.

I’m still learning.

What we really need to be doing, what we really need to realize is that we are working WITH the universe, we are CO-creating our life, our existence with the magnificent energy of the universe around us.

And this is something that’s really hard to wrap our heads around. Learning the careful balance of when to take action and how much to take, with knowing when to let go and how much to trust in the process.

But the key thing to remember is neither you OR the universe is in complete control.

Everything is about action and reaction. So when things happen, or things go awry and you’re asking yourself, “Is this a sign? Should I give up? Should I pack it in? Realize that you are still in some control of what happens around you, and how you react to what happens to you.

You get to choose what that means for you, and trust that whatever you decide… the universe will be there beside you helping make it happen.

2. Your energy is just realigning

Like I said, it’s really easy to use the excuse, or the justification that something wasn’t “meant” to happen because something difficult, or frustrating, or not-as-easy as we were expecting happens.

But we also need to give ourselves a grace period and recognize that our energy is realigning itself with a greater purpose, a greater good.

We’re all made up of atoms, and atoms vibrate at a certain frequency. That’s science. And when we start to push ourselves ourside of our comfort zones, when we start to do something new, when we gear up to achieve some amazing goals beyond what we’ve been able to do up until this point, it’s going to take our energy, our atoms, some time to realign and recalibrate to this new higher level frequency.

But people usually give up at the first sign of a hiccup, using that excuse that maybe it just wasn’t meant to happen instead of realizing that when energies are mis-aligned, that’s when a lot of wonky things start happening. Because the energy isn’t balanced anymore.

So don’t give up before the energy balances itself out again, and you start reaping the rewards of this higher-level frequency!

3. The universe is always in your corner - will never give you signs to give up

And last, but certainly not least here — the universe is never going to tell you to give up.

Whoa. Bold statement, I know.

But I stand by it. The universe is never going to come outright and tell you to call it a day and pack it in.

The universe is never going to tell you to give up.

What the universe WILL do, however, is help you pivot. Show you that maaaaybe a different direction, approach, feeling etc is needed to really accomplish what’s actually going to be in your best interest.

And that’s the caveat right there: What’s actually going to be in your best interest. Because the universe is always going to be in your corner, the universe aligns itself in a way to function with what’s the highest good for all. So going back to our very first point, it’s a balance of taking action that feels good, and also trusting that what transpires is for the greater good in that moment.

So even if something doesn’t work out the way you were hoping, or the way you were expecting, it doesn’t mean give up, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work out. It just means, that little blip or step backwards needed to happen at that moment for whatever reason.

But again, the universe is never going to tell you to give up. It’s just going to give you another route.

Solution: Clarity College

Having that support and accountability from someone who understands your end goal and can help you align yourself with your purpose, your connection with the universe, and strengthen your mindset to keep going when certain things become frustrating or starting to seem like they won’t work out, is absolutely huge and crucial in maintaining the vision of your goals and actually being able to achieve them.

This is exactly what I help my clients with in my signature 1:1 Program: Clarity College.

Getting clarity on what it is you want, and learning the balance of co-creating with the universe. Improving your confidence and resilience to believe things will work out, and that your dreams are possible for you. And creating an action plan (with room for flexibility) to receive signs from the universe, for what’s in your best interest!

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