Tea Tuesday: Moving Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Wild + Free

I’m watching our glorious prairies pass by me as I sit in the passenger seat of my partners car.

We’re heading out of town for his brothers wedding and while I said I wouldn’t work while we were there… but I never said anything about on the way

What can I say?! I LOVE what I do. I love connecting with you. I love helping you, inspiring you, giving you amazing information, and transforming lives.

This is my purpose.

Of course everything needs balance — I’ve turned my out of office email notifier on, I’ve changed my status to away in Asana for my clients and my team.

But the glorious part about my job and all the different moving parts of it is that I can work where and whenever I want to.

That was really important to me in my career. I loathe having my schedule dictated to me by someone else. Seriously, even when I was simply working part-time. “Be here Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 5 this week, and Monday, Thursday, Sunday at 2 next week.”


It was so hard to plan my life with my schedule changing like that, without any input or control over it myself. And I mean, I get why this bothered me so much because this was the point in my life where consistency was my saving grace.

Knowing what to expect, taking the surprises out of the unexpected, planning for the worst.

But, long story short, the only reason I’m able to do what I love doing and write this to you while staring at our beautiful prairies pass me by is because I went outside of my comfort zone.

Did I freak out? Abso-freaking-lately.

Has it been worth it?


Moving Outside of Your Comfort Zone

1. Understanding your primitive brain

As a society, we’ve progressed really far, really fast, in a really short period of time. And I don’t think our brains have had the chance, the opportunity to fully keep up with that.

(I mean, truth be told we don’t know everything about the brain and it’s capabilities anyways — but I feel like that’s another topic for another time.)

We still have our primitive brain, our ego, our fight or flight response system. And before, this was what literally kept us alive. Our primitive brains kept us safe from predators and daily dangers (that as a society, we’ve far surpassed and progressed from).

That was/is it’s job — to keep us ALIVE!

But it can’t tell the difference between a predator and a new opportunity, a daily danger and a new, healthier routine.

Because our primitive brain LOVES to repeat patterns. If something worked once to keep us alive, let’s keep doing that. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

So when you try to move outside of your usual patterns (ie. your comfort zone) your primitive brain goes: "UH - we’ve never done this before. This could kill us. Let’s not."

Even though, it could actually be really beneficial for us, and more likely than not, not kill us (eewww, double negative). But like I said, it can’t tell the difference.

So it’s up to you and your logical side (the part that has progressed with society) to understand that just because your primitive brain tells you “let’s not” - doesn’t mean you should listen to it.

2. Recognizing (and appreciating) it’s a good thing to freak out

Keeping on with our primitive brain, our ego, our fight or flight response system — it’s actually a good thing when it starts to freak out.

That’s a key indicator that you’re trying something NEW!

Holy crap — how exciting!

AND it also means that your brain is working the way it’s supposed to (also a good thing).

Like I mentioned previously, this part of your brain was meant to keep you safe. Safe from the unknown, safe from dangers, same from predators, safe from harm.

But it’s not enough to just understand why your brain does what it does in trying to protect you. Because sometimes (but definitely, not always) understanding something can lead to complacency.

We don’t want to be complacent.

We want to understand why our brain behaves in ways that prohibit us from moving forward and pushing onwards, but we also want to to be grateful for that sign and recognize that we can't let it hold us back.

If you want to end up somewhere different than you currently are, you have to do things that are different that what you’ve done to get to where you currently are.

3. Fear can come, but it can’t drive the car

If you haven’t read the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (#notasponsor), do yourself a favour and read it.

There are so many amazing takeaways and tidbits of information that you can apply to your life, your creative pursuits and your passions. But one thing I want to focus on is this analogy that fear is the cautious-friend you bring on a road-trip.

Again, all fear is trying to do is keep you safe. If it can’t predict the outcome, or it can’t see how something will turn out, fear immediately wants to say no.

Be grateful for fear, have a special place in your heart full of love for fear. But don’t let fear make your decisions for you.

Fear can sit in the backseat of the car, mumbling under her breath about the dangers and the what-ifs. Because all she’s trying to do is make sure everyone comes home from the road-trip unscathed.

But if you let fear in the drivers seat… you’d probably never even leave the driveway. Never mind taking the exciting, curvy road around the mountain and getting the beautiful insta-worthy shots adventure-filled road-trip!

Let fear come. She’s like your oldest, childhood friend that you know kind of puts a damper on things but you know she always has your best intentions at heart and you love her immensely for that.

Doesn’t mean she gets to drive the car, or make decisions on the destinations and activities during your trip.

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