021 | How Miscarriage Strengthened the Man of Her Dreams with Jalina K

I know you might be thinking, “Carolina, didn’t we just have an infertility guest episode last time.” 1. Thank you for being here last time to know that, and 2. Yes, but I’m here to show you that no two stories are alike. Also, did you know that October is Infertility Awareness Month? And unfortunately, I was busy planning and recording for the podcast relaunch and unable to publish these conversations when the time was right. So I wanted to do them their due justice as close to their awareness month as possible.

But like I said, no two stories are alike and Jalina is here to tell you hers and how the loss of one baby almost caused the loss of her marriage as well. Jalina has such heart and courage and my heart breaks for her all over again when I hear this episode.

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