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Just last year I was driving to my 9-5 job that I liked…

but I didn’t love.

Every morning I would listen to podcasts of people who left their corporate jobs, or switched industries, or did. something. else. that truly lit them up, made them happy, and gave them fulfillment.

What was I doing wrong?!

So I figured out a strategy to connect to my truth and I went from feeling stuck and confused to feeling free, confident and grounded.

And now I’m here to share it with you.


♥ the way to start your days with intention and a full cup

♥ how to get more of what you want from the universe

♥ what is written in the stars for your purpose

♥ how to be the most productive and make the days count

♥ the importance of making shifts and tweaks that suit you

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My name is Carolina, pronounced Care-oh-lee-nah, and I am pumped that you are on this page right now.

I am a confidence & life purpose coach, a podcaster and chai tea latte enthusiast and my mission is to connect spiritual millennial women to their truth!

I have found my happiness, my fulfillment, my truth in helping the spiritual, millennial woman feeling stuck & confused, learn how to break free from other’s expectations to unapologetically honour the work that truly lights her up.

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