Carolina vee

Confidence & Life Purpose Coach


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I did what I was supposed to do.

When I moved out at 16 years old, finishing high school, going to university, graduating from university, and getting a career- a title I was going to be respect for… well, that was the be all and end all, y’know? I followed the roadmap everyone told me to follow because it was going to get me respected, rich, and happy.

And man, did I want to be happy. I had enough sadness, darkness, trauma, and negativity to last me a life time, and I was over it. I survived abuse in all the ways: sexual, mental, physical, emotional. You name it? I probably have a story for it. I was made to believe I was a mistake. That I was only partially wanted; a forced-to-term pregnancy. I wasn’t a product of love, or wishful thinking, or thoughts and prayers, or careful planning. I was thrown into a life and a family that I had never chosen; and that ultimately wouldn’t choose me.

And naturally, this is how I navigated the world, with these thoughts in the back of my mind telling me what I deserved, what I was worth, and how little I mattered to make people stay. So I put up these walls, I hardened my heart, and I thought, “Well, world. You think I’m a monster… I’ll show you a monster.” I felt like I was incapable of being loved, incapable of doing anything of substance, and like it was literally me against everyone else. It took a lot of education, self-awareness, guidance, and self-love to get the confidence to reconnect to that small voice inside, my voice, to open myself up and turn my life around. And holy crap, am I ever glad I did.

Now I’m using my experiences and intuition to inspire and help others. As a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I help spiritual, millennial women go from feeling stuck & overwhelmed to feeling free, confident & grounded so they can unapologetically honour what lights them up. I also host a podcast where I put my personal stories and thoughts out there and where people feel safe to share their vulnerable stories, to hopefully help and inspire others on a similar path. It is your life, and you are the author. It wouldn’t make sense to continue letting someone else write or dictate your story for you.

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“I’m on a mission to connect spiritual, millennial women to their truth through an individual & customized experience; to provide an environment and genuine connection to pull back the curtain and reconnect with suppressed desires.

I honour and embrace individuality and guide my clients through pillars of clarity, confidence & creation, so they can learn to honour and accomplish what truly lights them up.

The end goal is to leave women feeling confident and secure in their actions and decisions moving forward, in whichever way feels true for them.”